Quizzing Ont. farmers on road rules for equipment

Quizzing Ont. farmers on road rules for equipment
Sep 15, 2022

Harvest season means more pieces of machinery on the road

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

With the 2022 harvest season underway in Ontario, more pieces of farm equipment will be on the roads as farmers travel between fields.

With that top of mind, Farms.com created a 10-question quiz to test Ontario farmers on how well they know the rules for operating farm equipment on the roads.

1) Operators don’t need a driver’s license to operate farm equipment if they’re at least 16-years-old.

True or False?

2) Farm equipment must have at least __ white headlights on the front.

a) 3

b) 1

c) 2

d) 4

3) Farm equipment must have at least __ red taillight on the back.

a) 1

b) 5

c) 2

d) 4

4) Tractors capable of road speeds over 40 km/h can travel at top speed and don’t require a slow-moving vehicle sign.

True or False?

5) Equipment operators younger than 16 can only drive the equipment directly across a road.

True or False?

6) Are tractors allowed to travel on 400 Series highways?

a) Never

b) Only if there’s no other route to the farm

7) Operators don’t need to wear seat belts if they’re travelling at speeds of 40 km/h or slower.

True or False?

8) Equipment operators must yield ___ of the roadway to oncoming vehicles.

a) ½

b) ¼

c) None

d) As much as you can

9) Farm wagons and implements towed behind a tractor must have __ separate means of attachment.

a) 2

b) 1

c) 4

d) 3

10) Farm equipment can travel between farms without license plates but needs plates if it travels from a farm to a commercial elevator.

True or False?

Be sure to check back for when Farms.com provides the correct responses.

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