Ontario Pesticide Survey Open Until 2015

Jul 22, 2014

By Amanda Brodhagen, Farms.com

Ontario farmers are encouraged to participate in a confidential survey about crop protection use. Farm & Food Care Ontario is conducting the survey for the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. The 2014 survey is an extension of the 2013 survey. Data collection on pesticide use is typically administered every five years, and has been since 1973.

According to a Farm & Food Care Ontario release, the data will be used for government, commodity boards and researchers, to improve minor use pesticide registration lists and better understand the types of crop production products that are being used.

“The ministry relies on this data to identify and quantify pesticide usage in Ontario and to be able to better explain to the public how and why pesticides are used.”

It is reiterated that participating in the survey is anonymous. Growers are offered the flexibility to input data periodically throughout the growing season or complete the data at the end of the season. Farmers who grow field crops, tender fruit, and vegetable or speciality crops are eligible to participate.

The type of information that is being collected includes: location (county), crop type, brand of crop protection products applied, and acres involved. In situations where pesticides are not used, that information is also useful and can be filled out in the survey.

The survey can be filled out online at www.ontariopesticidesurvey.ca.

Mail, fax or email submissions of the survey will also be accepted. For more information about alternative options to the online version of the survey, please contact Bruce Kelly, Environmental Program Lead, for Farm & Food Care Ontario, at bruce@farmfoodcare.org or (519)837-1326.

Submissions will be accepted until February 13, 2015.