Ontario farmers with top yields receive awards from DuPont Pioneer

Jan 30, 2015

Each farmer used DuPont Pioneer seeds to grow corn

By Diego Flammini, Farms.com

More than 260 farmers from all over Ontario took part DuPont Pioneer’s Ontario Corn Yield Challenge. The farmers were tasked to produce the most yield using DuPont products for the chance to win bragging rights and a trip to the Commodity Classic in Phoenix, Arizona coming up in February.

“The Ontario Corn Yield Challenge is an engaging opportunity for us, it’s always fascinating to see how growers push the limits and reconfirm the trust they put in Pioneer,” said Steve Bent, area manager, DuPont Pioneer Canada in a press release. ”It’s a highlight for the Pioneer team to review so many success stories at the end of harvest.”

The 11 winners were:

Randy Vandeheede
From Simcoe, Ontario, his yield was 334 bu/ac, using Pioneer P0506AM. He also had the largest yield last year with 327 bu/ac.

Joe Lacey
Representing Thedford, Ontario, he produced 326 bu/ac using Pioneer P0216AM.

Jim Soetemans
From Watford, Ontario,  his yield was 297 bu/ac with Pioneer P0496AMX.

Greg Squires
Out of Walsingham, Ontario and using Pioneer P1184AM, his yield came in at 250 bu/ac.

Mark & Chris Boersma
From Ridgetown, Ontario, Pioneer P0216AM brought them a yield of 272 bu/ac.

Peter Harvey
Representing Cookstown, Ontario, he got 268 bu/ac using Pioneer P0094AM.

Chris Schouten
This Richmond, Ontario farmer produced a yield of 260 bu/ac with Pioneer P9917AMX.

Dean, Rylan and Clifford Foster
This team out of Picton, Ontario grew 248 bu/ac with Pioneer P1184AM.

Rob Cox
From Uxbridge, Ontario and using Pioneer P0157AM, Cox’s yield was 235 bu/ac.

Stew Martin and Rob Bauman
From Breslau, Ontario, Pioneer P9526AM brought them a yield of 224 bu/ac.

Nick Wilson
Out of Newton, Ontario, a 230 bu/ac yield was the result of using Pioneer P9675AMXT.

Each of the winners received a trip for two to the Commodity Classic in Phoenix, Arizona. The show takes place February 26 – 28 and will feature speakers, auctions, awards banquets and feature Craig Morgan as entertainment for the visitors.

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