Nutrien Boosts Soil Science Research in Canada

Nutrien Boosts Soil Science Research in Canada
Jun 06, 2024

Supporting Student Research and Canadian Agriculture

By Jean-Paul McDonald

Nutrien is playing a key role in advancing soil science in Canada by sponsoring students to attend this year's Canadian Society of Soil Science (CSSS) conference.  

Senior Agronomist Lyle Cowell highlighted Nutrien’s commitment to agricultural research and the importance of supporting the community to share findings and innovations. 

At the forefront of this support are graduate students like Stacie Yaremko and Amanda Mitchell, who are both sponsored by Nutrien to share and expand their research.  

Stacie, nearing the completion of her Master of Science at the University of Alberta, is keen on sulfur nutrition of forage crops. Her role as an Agronomic Innovation Manager enables her to apply conference insights directly to real-world agricultural practices in Alberta's Peace Region. 

Amanda Mitchell, on the verge of finishing her Master of Science at the University of Saskatchewan, focuses on soil carbon dynamics. Her research, which earned her the Best Oral Presentation at a recent conference, explores how different soil properties affect organic carbon in Saskatchewan. 

Their participation is more than academic; it's about connecting with other researchers and applying their findings to enhance sustainable farming across Canada.  

Nutrien's support extends beyond conferences; they are dedicated to providing ongoing education and solutions aimed at sustainable agriculture. 

By nurturing young professionals like Stacie and Amanda, Nutrien is investing in the future of farming and soil science in Canada, ensuring the next generation of farmers and agronomists are equipped with the knowledge and tools to succeed. This commitment underscores the crucial role of academic-industry partnerships in advancing agricultural sustainability. 

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