NMPF Leads Dairy Industry Transformation

Feb 07, 2024

By Farms.com

The USDA's recent marathon hearing marked a turning point in dairy pricing reform, with the National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) taking center stage. Gregg Doud, NMPF's President and CEO, lauded the unanimous support for their meticulous two-year preparation. The NMPF's comprehensive proposal, addressing issues like processor costs and Class I pricing, emerged as the frontrunner after months of discussions. 

Key topics included the "make allowance," component pricing, and revisiting the Class I mover, with Doud advocating for a return to the previous formula. Looking ahead, NMPF and its cooperatives are collaborating on responses to the USDA, signaling the next phase. Doud acknowledges the complexity of designing a proposal that meets diverse farmer needs and anticipates continued collaboration with the USDA. 

As the USDA crafts its proposal in the coming weeks, NMPF remains committed to advocating for a fairer pricing system. With the dairy industry facing challenges since 2021, this marks a critical juncture in ensuring the prosperity of farmers. Stay tuned for updates as NMPF continues to lead the charge in reshaping the industry landscape.

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