New Line of Pig Trailers to be Unveiled at World Pork Expo

May 23, 2014

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By Amanda Brodhagen,

A series of state-of-the-art swine trailers is expected to be rolled out at the World Pork Expo, June 4 to 6 in Des Moines, Iowa.

The transportation trailers manufactured by NEWNION, and introduced by Ag Works International is being touted as “revolutionary” for handling hogs.

Key trailer features include:

  • Hydraulic lifting tailgate (ramps for loading and unloading are no longer required)
  • Multiple decks – ranging from three to five decks (to accommodate all sizes)
  • Fans and ventilation shutters (fans are installed on each deck every four feet)
  • Water access and misting systems (nipple watering and cooling options)

Enhancing livestock transportation is becoming increasingly important in the pork industry. It’s essential to maintain the health of stock during the transportation process. Features like misting systems and proper ventilation helps reduce animal stress and ensures that hogs arrive at their destination in the best condition.

Trailers can be viewed at the expo at booth number 4353.

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