New Holland showcases 2020 products

New Holland showcases 2020 products
May 06, 2020

T8 Genesis with PLM Intelligence & 300 Series skid steer

Ryan Ridley

It's no secret that farmers love farm equipment. With so many trade shows cancelled, is sharing some of the videos we took a trade shows before the pandemic, so that the farming community can continue to get its machinery fix. caught up with New Holland representatives at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky, this past February to talk about new products they were eager for farmers to get their hands on in 2020. The visit covered two products, the 2020 T8 Genesis with PLM Intelligence, as well as the debut of the 2020 New Holland 300 Series skid steer.

Drew Ferrier, Global PLM Product Marketing Specialist with New Holland, provided an overview of the New Holland T8 Genesis with Precision Land Management (PLM) Intelligence, which features a new SideWinder Ultra armrest and IntelliView 12 display.

“The user interface on the IntelliView 12 has been completely updated,” explained Ferrier. “The map has all your mapping functions on the right – your guidance lines, your nudge trim – anything you need to do is accessible.”

The system is fully integrated with the tractor from radio controls to climate controls and is customizable, user friendly and intuitive to use.

“If you hook up your hydraulic remotes in a different way, you can change the color of the buttons within the display,” added Ferrier.

Another helpful feature is the remote display, allowing customers and dealers to connect with the operator’s system in the field.

“They can see exactly what you’re seeing and use a cursor to direct you. Dealers also have the ability to update software remotely, saving time in season,” he said.

Also new this year is the MyPLM Connect portal which includes several main tabs; Fleet Tab, which gives vehicle information like fuel level, location and fault codes, ensuring farmers have the right parts to repair; Map View, which allows farmers to view vehicles and start remote display sessions; Farm Tab, which gives farmers access to yield data for combines and guidance lines for tractors; as well as the Data Tab, which is used for connecting to third parties allowing farmers to share data with their advisors.

We also had the opportunity to connect with Ryan Anderson, Product Marketing Specialist at New Holland Construction, who gave an overview of the new 300 Series skid steer lineup.

New Holland has been active in the skid steer landscape since the 1970s and is well-known for its Super Boom vertical lift design. The design delivers maximum reach at maximum height, allowing farmers to place loads precisely.

“We look a little bit different for a reason,” explained Anderson. “That shoulder that we have designed into the boom is specifically for effective lifting and carrying of the booms and also for incredible visibility around the cab. That’s something we’ve really been known for throughout the years – 360 degree visibility around the machine.”

New to the 300 Series in 2020 is an 8” LCD Multifunction Display as well as a factory-fit reverse camera.

“We’re taking visibility to the next level with a new reverse camera that’s factory-fit to the rear door,” he added.

Other enhancements have been made to buttons and joystick controls, creep-mode, upgraded wiring harness, FleetForce telematics and more.

“We’ve incorporated a lot of new design features inside the machine that you don’t really see,” stated Anderson. “We have an all new, fully-upgraded wiring harness to be more reliable out there for [people] that are working in the manure business – but also in the snow removal industry as well – so we’re adding more durability and longevity to the machine on top of that.”

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