New ads show dairy’s place in food

New ads show dairy’s place in food
Jan 17, 2023

Alberta Milk and BC Dairy are showcasing milk in new ads

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

Imagine if some foods that include dairy as a key ingredient went without the milk, yogurt, cheese, or other dairy product that makes the dish delicious.

That’s the idea behind a new ad campaign from Alberta Milk and BC Dairy.

Both groups, along with BC Milk, SaskMilk and Dairy Farmers of Manitoba, are part of the Western Milk Pool. The collective group agreed to work more closely on certain projects.

The ads from B.C. and Alberta show different foods without the key dairy ingredients.

One ad, for example, begins with a man trying to drink from a straw but having no luck.

He and his friends are trying to enjoy a mango lassi, a drink made with mango, yogurt, cinnamon, and cardamom.

But because there’s no yogurt, the drink can’t flow through the straw properly.

“Mango lassi without yogurt is like…,” a voice in the commercial says.

The ad then cuts to the same man trying to go down a water slide. But because there’s no water on the slide, he can’t enjoy the slide the way it should be.

Another commercial shows a man with his grandmother enjoying cookies. But without any milk to accompany the biscuits, the grandmother dunks her cookies in water, much to the horror of her grandson.

The commercial likens that experience to laying down beside a sprinkler.

These ads target Generation Z and the kind of humour people in that age group gravitate towards.

“While previous generations already view dairy as a key ingredient for making food and drinks taste delicious, Gen Z’s didn’t have the same associations amongst a sea of options in today’s grocery aisles,” Jennifer Woron, director of market development at BC Dairy, in a release. “So, we wanted to show this next wave of food lovers—in a humorous way—that without the incomparable taste of dairy, some of our favourite staple dishes are just plain disappointing.”

The ad campaign first launched on Oct. 31, 2022. A TV buy means these ads will be seen on TV screens until March 5.

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