Michelin offers tire for harvesters

Michelin offers tire for harvesters
Sep 09, 2022

The Michelin CerexBIB 2 with IF and VF CFO+ tire offer low pressure in the field and high-load capacity.

By Andrew Joseph, Farms.com; Image via Michelin

Michelin has tire specifically designed for use with farm combine harvesters and other large ag equipment vehicles, the CerexBIB 2 with IF and VF CFO+.   

This tire model—available in nine front and seven rear sizes—provides low pressure to the ground in fields while still offering operators high load capacity.

Michelin is a Clermont-Ferrand, France-headquartered company considered to be the second-largest tire manufacturer in the world after Bridgestone, and larger than Goodyear and Continental.

The CerexBIB 2 tire uses Michelin’s CFO+ technology, providing a second and lower six mph cyclic loading table over the standard CFO of one 10-mph cyclic loading table.

The company said that operators can gain up to 10 percent more load capacity at the same tire pressure, or optionally carry the same load at a lower pressure to maximize vehicle floatation and traction while minimizing soil compaction.

Michelin has designed and tested the technology with the aid of leading equipment manufacturers.

The CTIS (Central Tire Inflation System)-enabled CerexBIB 2 tire is designed by Michelin to provide operators with an optimal harvest time regardless of soil conditions, and the company said, the tire provides more load capacity at the same pressure versus leading competitors.

The CerexBIB 2 may run as low as 17 psi carrying a load of 21,740 pounds. Its contact patch expands up to 35 percent to reduce soil compaction and protect the soil for future harvests.

The tire tread of the CerexBIB 2 helps increase vehicle traction while providing the operator with improved safety and the bonus of some fuel savings of up to 10 percent and, said Michelin, has the potential to contribute to an increase in crop yields.

The CerexBIB 2 comes in the following forward tire sizes:

  • VF520/85R42;
  • VF580/85R4;
  • VF710/70R42;
  • IF800/65R32;
  • IF800/70R32;
  • IF800/70R38;
  • IFVF900/60R32;
  • VF900/60R38, and;
  • VF900/60R42.

Rear tire sizes are:

  • VF500/85R34;
  • VF520/80R26;
  • VF520/85R30;
  • VF620/70R26;
  • VF620/70R30;
  • VF710/65R30, and;
  • VF750/65R26.

Information on Michelin and its tires may be found at https://business.michelin.ca/en/tires/michelin-cerexbib-2.