Louisville, Kentucky to host 2015 Agricultural Equipment Technology Conference

Feb 05, 2015

Event scheduled for February 9 – 11

By Diego Flammini, Farms.com

No matter the industry, whether sports, music or science, one of the keys to staying one step ahead of the competition is to be up to date with the newest technology, how it works and why it works best for your current operation.

Farming and agriculture are no different and Louisville, Kentucky will host the 2015 Agricultural Equipment Technology Conference, put on by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, from February 9 – 11 at the Seelbach Hilton

Some of the technologies being showcased will include:

Designing Agricultural Apps
“There’s probably an app for that.” Those words have been spoken by almost anyone with a smartphone or tablet. This class lead by Joe Dvorak from the University of Kentucky, will teach you the basics on how to design your very own app. How many times have you been in the fields wishing you had an app available to make your work easier?

Planting Technologies
This session will show farmers the new and modern planters coming onto the markets. As the population grows, the demand for crops will also and attendees will get an insight on which machines will help them optimize their farm acre by acre.

The conference will also have a keynote speaker – Jim Wessing.

Mr. Wessing is the President of Kondex Corporation and will lead the discussion “Manufacturing: Dispelling Workforce Myths, Developing its Future”.

Anyone interested in attending the conference must register.

Analyzing corn with a mobile device

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