Kubota’s New RTV-X Utility Vehicle

Kubota’s New RTV-X Utility Vehicle
Jun 21, 2024

Upgraded Design and Features for Enhanced Performance 

By Ryan Ridley

Kubota introduces the next generation of its popular diesel utility vehicle with the launch of the RTV-X.  

Jason Mandoza, sr. product manager with Kubota, told Farms.com that this upgraded machine combines the proven performance of Kubota's diesel engine and hydrostatic transmission with a range of new features designed to enhance user experience, 

The most noticeable change is the exterior design. The RTV-X features a more aggressive and stylish look compared to its predecessors.  

“We did a full exterior redesign making it appear more aggressive, a little bit better aesthetic appeal,” says Mandoza. 

It also boasts new heavy-duty, multi-purpose tires for better grip and wear across various terrains. Enhanced visibility is ensured with new LED headlights and taillights. 

Kubota has addressed user feedback by improving the responsiveness of the hydrostatic transmission, making it easier to switch between gears. Additionally, the parking brake has been redesigned for improved functionality. 

Another key highlight of the RTV-X is the availability of the ProKonvert bed system on select models. This option allows you to open the bed from either side, fold down all sides, or completely remove them to create a flatbed configuration. 

The Kubota RTV-X remains true to the brand's reputation for building tough and dependable machines. The powerful diesel engine, robust transmission, hydraulic dump bed, and power steering ensure the RTV-X can handle demanding jobs with ease. 

The Kubota RTVX builds upon the success of previous models by offering a compelling combination of upgraded aesthetics, improved performance features, and the highly functional ProKonvert bed system. 

“The RTV-X’s stand up to the test of time and really represent that quality that Kubota is known for,” adds Mandoza. 

To learn more and get an up-close view of Kubota’s new RTV-X, watch the below video. 

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