Key on-farm safety device is a fire extinguisher

Key on-farm safety device is a fire extinguisher
Sep 15, 2023

Farmers don’t have time to shake fire extinguishers monthly

Braxten Breen Cool Tools Intern 

Did you know that the response time to on-farm emergencies by fire departments is about 30 minutes? Did you also know that most fire extinguishers need to be serviced annually?  Finally, did you know that most fire extinguishers need to be shaken monthly?  

Most fire extinguishers do not get shaken each month as recommended, making them ineffective if they need to be used in an emergency.  

Allen Kronebusch, the founder of AKE Safety Equipment has the answer to those problems. The STOP-FYRE® High-Capacity Fire Extinguisher is the future of the fire extinguisher. 

“Put them where you need them, and you can literally forget about them,” says Allen Kronebusch, founder of AKE Safety Equipment. 

On any farm, there are several pieces of farm equipment that could easily catch on fire, putting out a combine fire quickly is key to ensuring a small incident does not escalate to something bigger.   Farms also tend to use flammable fuels such as ethanol that put farmers and those who work on the farm at higher risk. 

The STOP-FYRE® does not require annual service, or even monthly shakes, it should last a farmer’s lifetime. 

Whether the fire is a Class A, B, C, or K, the STOP-FYRE® does the trick, with no mess left behind on your farm. Since it is a liquid turning back into a gas, it will be drawn more towards the fire.  The STOP-FYRE® uses a combination of conductive and non-corrosive fire suppression gases to put out fires. 

Kronbusch states “You can put out fires, that other extinguishers can’t get too."

Protect your farm, and farm equipment with a STOP-FYRE® fire extinguisher for your farm.

Watch the video of the Next Generation of Fire Extinguishers — Perfect For Your Tractor!

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