Kansas students interested in agriculture are encouraged to apply for exchange program in Taiwan

Oct 30, 2015

Program runs from December 7th to 11th, 2015

By Diego Flammini, Farms.com

The application window is open for students with an interest in agriculture to apply for a chance to travel to Taiwan in December as part of the Taiwan Agricultural Youth Exchange Program.

Three students will be hosted by the National Taichung Agricultural Senior High School and given the opportunity to explore agricultural facilities and agribusinesses in addition to experiencing Taiwanese agriculture.

“The Taiwan Youth Exchange Program provides an opportunity for Kansas youth to experience agriculture on a global platform. Agriculture contributes nearly $63 billion to the Kansas economy, equaling approximately 43 percent of the state’s economy,” said Kerry Wefald, Agriculture Marketing Director for the Kansas Department of Agriculture in a release. “It is important that our students understand that many commodities grown and harvested in their home communities contribute to fulfilling free trade orders with countries like Taiwan.”

Exports to Taiwan are also an important part of the industry’s success and in 2014, Kansas exported more than $100 million in agricultural products. Sought after products include beef, oil seeds, cereal grains and wheat flour.

Interested applicants must apply by Wednesday, November 4th, 2015 and must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a valid passport
  • Currently be a high school senior or college freshman and 18 years old by the December 7th departure date
  • Have a background in Kansas agriculture
  • Be willing to pay for some airfare and meal expenses (approximately $1000)

Applicants are also encouraged to include a resume, letter of introduction, reference letter and a 500-word essay explaining their agricultural background and career goals.

In 2013, Taiwan’s total agricultural production totaled nearly $16 billion US. The top commodity of the year was rice as more than 270,000 hectares of land produced $1.2 billion worth of rice.

Join the discussion and tell us if you’re interested in travelling to Taiwan to learn about the country’s agricultural practices.

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