Iowa Department of Agriculture asks state for $10 million

Dec 03, 2015

Money would be used for water quality initiatives

By Diego Flammini,

Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey has asked Governor Terry Branstad and Lt. Governor Jim Reynolds to consider supporting the Iowa Water Quality Initiative through a $10 million contribution.

The money would enable the Department of Agriculture to offer cost-sharing to farmers experimenting with new water quality techniques. It would also allow for expanded work in targeted watersheds and the development of new programs.

“We appreciate the strong support we have received from the Governor and Legislature for the Water Quality Initiative and are encouraged by a number of conversations identifying sustainable funding for water quality efforts going forward.  It is important we build on the momentum that has been generated while those conversations continue,” Northey said.

In addition to the water quality investment, Northey also requested $500,000 for use towards preparation and response efforts to a foreign animal disease outbreak including avian flu.

“The USDA has identified the recent avian influenza outbreak as the worst animal health emergency in U.S. history and unfortunately, Iowa was at the center of it.  Animal agriculture adds so much to our state and the requested funds would help our Department continue to prepare for another animal disease situation, whether it is avian influenza or another disease,” Northey said.

Other financial support Northey requested includes $7.5 million for conservation cost share for natural resources and $1.92 million to help close 17 agriculture drainage wells.

Join the discussion and tell us your thoughts about the requests Bill Northey made on behalf of the Iowa Department of Agriculture.

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