Introducing The World’s Most Powerful Forage Harvester

Introducing The World’s Most Powerful Forage Harvester
May 10, 2024

KRONE’s BiG X 1180 Has 1156 HP

By Ryan Ridley

Just how big is the world’s most powerful self-propelled forage harvester? BiG. 

KRONE North America’s BiG X 1180, boasts an impressive 1156 horsepower. 

Brent Raines, region product manager with KRONE, recently introduced us to this beast of a forage harvester. 

Powered by a 24-liter V12 Liebherr engine, the BiG X 1180 delivers excellent cut quality—a crucial factor in beef and dairy operations where high-quality forage is essential. 

“The key to quality in a ration is that feed roll—and we have 6 feed rolls,” says Raines. “We are generating approximately 10 tons of clamping force to ensure a clean, precise cut as we move through the crop flow.” 

The BiG X is available in four models, 680, 780, 880 and 1180. 

Its full-time 4-wheel drive system enhances maneuverability and its weight distribution enables it to handle up to a 14-row corn head effortlessly.  

This capability significantly increases productivity, allowing more to be accomplished during the limited daylight hours—when it is time to go, this unit will not slow you down. 

The flexibility of the drum bottom, especially beneficial when dealing with grass and unexpected large piles of forage, enhances the machine’s efficiency and durability. 

Raines adds that the BiG X has the widest spout in the industry. 

Its wide spout with a 50-degree crimp angle head facilitates easier turns, minimizing the need for reversing and thus optimizing continuous operation. 

Its camless hay pickups are also notably quiet, earning the nickname 'whisper head' among drivers for their unobtrusive operation. 

Watch the below video to learn more about KRONE’s BiG X forage harvesters. 

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