Introducing the HORSCH Maestro SXL High-Speed Planter

Introducing the HORSCH Maestro SXL High-Speed Planter
Apr 18, 2024

Simplified High-Speed Planting with Maestro SXL's Innovative Features 

By Ryan Ridley recently asked Jeremy Hughes, Product Manager with HORSCH, to give us an overview of the HORSCH Maestro SXL, a groundbreaking high-speed planter designed to offer unparalleled efficiency and precision in the North American market.  

Unlike traditional planters, the Maestro SXL starts with a choice of 24-row 30, or 16-row 30 configurations, boasting impressive capacities including 140 bushels of seed carry capacity and up to 1000 gallons of liquid for starter fertilizer. 

A standout feature of the Maestro SXL is its simplified high-speed planting approach. 

Utilizing a single fan system, it innovates seed delivery and singulation. This system pressurizes the toolbar, ensuring accurate seed placement through a unique metering system that prefers airflow over traditional vacuum methods. This not only enhances singulation but also ensures seeds are precisely placed in the furrow for optimal germination. 

The HORSCH Maestro SXL's airspeed innovative metering system allows for differential pressure settings that simplify the planting process while maintaining accuracy in seed spacing and placement. This simplicity extends to its setup, making it user-friendly and highly efficient in the field. 

HORSCH's commitment to innovation is evident in the Maestro line's history. 

Since 2011, the HORSCH Maestro has been at the forefront of planting technology, being the first to introduce electric motor drives for metering systems, hydraulic downforce on row units, and a full chassis weight transfer system. These features ensure stability and precision at high speeds, setting the Maestro apart in the high-speed planting world. 

The design of the HORSCH Maestro SXL embodies a fusion of technology and technique, aimed at achieving precise seed placement even at higher speeds. 

Watch the video below to learn more about the HORSCH Maestro SXL High-Speed Planter. 

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