Improve Your Harvest with the New AirFLEX NXT by Honey Bee

Improve Your Harvest with the New AirFLEX NXT by Honey Bee
Jul 05, 2023

AirFLEX NXT upgrades by Honey Bee Manufacturing are taking harvest to a new level!

By Haley Bilokraly Intern

Since its initial release in 2014, the AirFLEX has made a significant impact in the field. Now, Honey Bee Manufacturing is taking their products a step further with the AirFLEX NXT, an upgraded header designed to streamline your harvest and maximize the crop going into your bin.

In an exclusive video, Barry Lindmark, the Engineering Platform Manager for the AirFLEX, shares insights into these advancements and how they benefit farmers.

One standout upgrade is the larger cross auger, now measuring 12" in diameter. This improvement ensures smooth material flow, especially when dealing with bushy crops like mustard, canola, and peas.

The AirFLEX NXT also features cab-adjustable skid shoes, allowing you to keep the header in flex mode. This mode ensures consistent stubble height of 0" to 8" across the entire width of the cutter bar, contouring the ground for optimal performance. Adjustments can be made conveniently from your cab to easily reduce crop waste and ensure maximum yield.

To enhance maneuverability and minimize crop trampling, the AirFLEX NXT now features a narrower end shield. This modification enables smooth navigation along field borders and through row crops, preserving the integrity of your valuable crops.

Additionally, the AirFLEX NXT introduces improved knives to decrease mass, an onboard toolbox for easy access to essential tools, and new reel drives to quickly switch from standard to high torque.

To learn more about these upgrades and more, be sure to watch the informative video below.

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