Husqvarna introduces V500 Series of stand-on mowers

Husqvarna introduces V500 Series of stand-on mowers
Feb 16, 2018

The mowers are available with 48- or 54-inch cutting decks


Husqvarna has unveiled its new line of stand-on mowers to help professional landscapers work more efficiently.

The V500 Series comes in two models – the V554 and V548.

Both machines are equipped with a 24.5 horsepower Kawasaki engine, commercial ClearCut deck and a flip up anti-slip standing plate.

The V554 has a 54-inch cutting width and the V548 has a 58-inch cutting deck.

Some elements of the the machines’ construction are unique to Husqvarna,  according to George Reister, wheeled product manager for Husqvarna.

“We broke convention,” he told “We took the traditional type of transmission and moved the pumps out front on top of the deck. What that allowed us to do is to create a lower centre of gravity and it gave us room to move the engine down over our competitors.”

The effort needed to change the cutting height is designed to be one of the lightest in the industry, he added.


All landscape equipment comes with a sensor that lets the machine know the operator is still in control. On these machines, the sensor is located in the hand controls.

“As soon as you jump off the machine and let go of the controls, the machine comes to a complete stop immediately,” Reister said. “That’s a neat feature we offer that obviously has safety benefits but also allows the operator to stop the machine quickly to move something that may be lying in the middle of the yard.”

Husqvarna’s V500 Series of stand-on mowers are available through local dealerships.

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