Husband and Wife Farm Team | #FromtheField Spotlight Series

May 09, 2014

By Amanda Brodhagen,

Farm families play a significant role in our agricultural economies. Often they make tremendous sacrifices to run a farm and raise a family. But like most, they wouldn’t want to have it any other way. is pleased to profile the first husband and wife farm team in our #fromthefield spotlight series.

Mark and Sandi Brock farm with their two children in Perth County (the same farming community as myself). The Brock’s are not only good farmers, but they also take time to give back to their community.

Get to know the super-star husband and wife farm team below (and while you’re at it give them a follow on Twitter).

Farm Name: Shepherd Creek Farms Ltd.

Twitter Handles: @sandibrock and @Cropper01

Location: Staffa, Ontario (Perth County)

Types of Crops grown: Corn, soybeans, wheat and white beans

How has using Twitter enhanced your farming business?

Twitter has proven to be a great forum for our operation. Whether it be market reports, upcoming events and conferences, or just investigating different methods of farming. I also like the fact we can connect with others nationally, and globally. It virtually eliminates borders and distance. I like to post pictures and statuses to keep some of my followers connected with what we do on-farm. I think this is an effective tool for such an important mission. We really aren't using it to directly sell our product, but to educate those who are indirectly affected by what we grow. Keeping the message positive and open is our goal.

What is an interesting fact about your farming operation?

Although cash cropping has been the main focus of our farm, we have recently expanded into sheep. We started with 150 ewes two years ago, and expanded this past fall to 500. We feel this is an industry with loads of potential in Ontario as our population continues to diversify.

What makes you proud to farm?

Farming is something you need to believe in. You need to eat, sleep and love what you do. I guess my pride is knowing that we get to do something that only 2% of the population get to do. The pride of a crop making it to harvest with its full potential, happy animals quietly chewing their cud and being there to see it. Pride in knowing we are showing our kids the value of hard work and long hours in loving what we do.

Additional Information:

Both Mark and I believe that learning never stops. To be successful, we need to keep updating ourselves and our knowledge base. We are both active in our community. Mark is currently Vice-Chair for Grain Farmers of Ontario (District 9). I am a leader of our local dairy 4-H club, and sit as a director for West Perth on our Perth County Federation of Agriculture. We also have two kids, Jack and Jessica.

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