Grain Capacity on New Holland’s CR11 Combine

Grain Capacity on New Holland’s CR11 Combine
May 02, 2024

CR11 Features Increased Grain Tank Capacity and Unload Rate

By Ryan Ridley

New Holland’s CR11 has made a splash for many reasons, including its grain capacity and unload rate.  

This model is specially designed to meet the growing demands of modern farming, accommodating higher yields and larger operations. recently chatted with J Cole Sanford, Cash Crop Product Specialist for New Holland, about the CR11.  

Sanford says that at the core of the CR11's design is its significantly increased grain tank capacity, which now holds up to 567 bushels. 

This enhancement allows for prolonged harvesting periods without frequently emptying the tank and supports the farmers' need to manage larger yields more efficiently.  

The combine's unload auger further complements this by facilitating a rapid unloading process at a rate of six bushels per second, ensuring that time spent transferring grain is minimized, and productivity is maximized. 

Sanford shares that the CR11 also boasts larger headers and a high-capacity system to handle increased throughput. 

These features are crucial as market trends show a consistent rise in crop yields. The design anticipates future agricultural conditions, demonstrating New Holland's commitment to innovation and forward-thinking in machinery development. 

Moreover, the CR11 combine is not just about capacity and speed explains Sanford. 

Its design reflects a deep understanding of farmers' evolving needs, from current yield management to future market trends. This model represents a significant leap over its predecessor, the flagship CR, by offering advanced solutions to modern agricultural challenges. 

But hold on, Sanford says that prospective buyers will need to wait until the last few months of 2024 before New Holland will begin taking orders for the CR11.  

Watch the video below as Sanford provides an overview of grain capacity and throughput the New Holland CR11 combine. 

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