Glyphosate Tank System Saves Farmers Hassle

Aug 06, 2014

By Amanda Brodhagen,

Ontario cash crop farmers now have the option to purchase an on-farm glyphosate bulk tank system that could potentially save them time and money.

The innovation, EXACT Tank System, created by FS PARTNERS, was released in May, and is gaining traction among farmers.

A promo video (which can be viewed below), says the tank system “gives you [farmers] weed control on your farm with our new secure, convenient method of storage and dispense.”

The tank can hold up to 4000 liters of glyphosate product. One of the built-in features allows farm workers to fill up sprayers or totes, with one of two hoses.

 According to the makers of the tank system, the one inch metered hose fills at a rate of 50-liters per minute. Sprayers can be filled up in ten minutes or less, while a tote can be filled in three minutes or less.

Recognizing that farmers put in long days, often working well into the evening, a LED light is attached to the tank which allows equipment operators to fill up in the dark with no issues.

Keeping the farmer in mind, certain environmental and safety features were added. The poly-made tank has a cone bottom, so when the tank is empty, there is no product left - which reduces waste.

The nozzles for the tank have a containment system, which aims to catch any potential runoff of product. Additionally, the tank stand serves as a secondary containment system to catch any possible spills.

Having a tank on site at the farm allows farmers to save money by buying product in bulk when needed, typically in the spring or fall. The system saves farmers time as they don’t have to worry about handling totes the conventional way.

FS PARTNERS - the inventors of the bulk tank system, say that the glyphosate product that is approved to go in the tank is called Matrix, which is produced by Interprovincial Cooperative Limited.

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