Frank Lucas clinches 16th term in Oklahoma

Jun 20, 2024

A steady victory for former Ag committee chair


Frank Lucas, the seasoned Oklahoma Congressman, secured his 16th term in a straightforward victory during Tuesday's Republican primary. With no challengers for November, Lucas's win was confirmed early on by major news outlets, reflecting strong support within his district.

Garnering over 73% of the votes from the 50,000 cast in Oklahoma's Third District, Lucas's continued presence in Congress is assured. His focus now shifts to the future, particularly the 119th Congress, where he aims to maintain his influence on critical legislative committees.

Lucas is poised to contend for a leading role on the Financial Services Committee and aims to remain a senior member of the House Agriculture Committee. His ongoing tenure is particularly crucial as discussions around the 2025 Farm Bill begin to surface.

The congressman expressed a proactive stance on pushing the 2024 Farm Bill through the House, hoping to spur parallel efforts in the Senate. Lucas’s strategy aims to ensure the bill's passage this year, setting the stage for significant legislative achievements.

In an interview with Ron Hays from the Oklahoma Farm Report, Lucas shared his anticipation of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. His dedication to both agricultural and financial sectors demonstrates his commitment to serving his constituents and impacting national policy effectively.

As Lucas steps into another term, his actions will be closely watched by those invested in the future of U.S. agriculture and financial legislation.

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