Ag Machinery Profile Series: Part VII

Apr 08, 2015

Farm King Fertilizer Applicators

By Diego Flammini,

Throughout 2015, has been profiling some of the newest machinery available to farmers and ag-producers, designed to give them an upper hand when it comes to maximizing their operations for the upcoming season.

Part seven of the Ag Machinery Profile Series will focus on Farm King’s Fertilizer Applicators.

The fertilizer machines come in a variety of sizes and configurations while still giving the farmers the flexibility to operate them in ways that fit their specific needs.

Model number 1860 can be used for side-dressing and comes with a tank capacity of 1800 gallons of liquid fertilizer and up to a 60-foot toolbar. Its larger companion, model number 2460 can accommodate up to 2400 gallons of liquid fertilizer and also has a 60-foot toolbar. Both have a rotational lift toolbar and a custom asymmetrical tank and hopper bottom sump which allows for complete drainage of the tank in any field condition.

For farmers who may need high-clearance sprayers, Farm King has machinery for that, too.

They come in tank capabilities of 850, 1200 and 1600 gallons with booms ranging from 60 to 90-feet.

But how do you know how much fertilizer you should apply? Should it be one broad application or do you divide it up as you need it?

An equation by Mike Hunter of Cornell University’s Cooperative Extension had it broken down like this:

“Pounds actual nutrient per acre ÷% nutrient in fertilizer = amount of fertilizer.

For example, how much urea (46-0-0) do you apply to supply the crop 75 lbs of N per acre?

75 lbs N ÷.46 = 163 lbs urea per acre.”

Join the conversation and tell us how you break down your fertilizer applications.

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