Farmers Using Social Media To Share Harvest Information

Oct 14, 2014

Farmers Using Social Media To Share Corn, Soybean Yield And Field Photos.

By Joe Dales,

Farmers are having more of their usual share of fall challenges this year, with corn prices that are the lowest they have been since 2010 and in areas, wet weather conditions which are delaying the harvest. But with a great growing season and advancements in crop technology and farming practices farmers are looking forward to combing excellent crops this fall which will produce record corn and soybean yields.

 While this is a busy time of year and farmers may not have time to socialize with friends, the adoption of smart phones is keeping them connected to farmers around the world.  A great number of farmers and those that work in the agriculture industry have taken to social media, especially Twitter, to share their experiences and successes from the field. 

“Twitter is full of interesting photos and updates from farmers across North America,” says Andrew Bawden of, “it is great way for people to share interesting events ranging from combines catching fire to #yieldselfies, photos of a farmer with the corn hybrid and yields.”  

While the weather and commodity prices might be stretching out the harvest, at least farmers will be able to see how they are not alone out in the field these long days.

If you are interested in seeing some of the activity on Twitter, visit the Twitter homepage at and look over the tweet postings.

Here are some examples of the farmer "tweets" this harvest season: