Farmers Give Health-Care Workers a Parade

Farmers Give Health-Care Workers a Parade
Apr 10, 2020

Elgin County Farmers give tractor parade

Farmers in Elgin County gave Health Care Workers at the St Thomas Elgin General Hospital a 6-minute tractor parade on Thursday, April 9, 2020 to thank them for the care they are giving during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The Parade included dozens of tractors (of all colours), trucks, and other farm equipment vehicles blaring their horns in support of the front-line health care professionals.  Many hospital staff watched the parade from the front of the hospital.



The video was shared on Twitter by Andrew Buttigieg, Ontario Environment Minister Press Secretary, who roots are St Thomas, Ontario.  His tweet said: “Here’s something you won’t see everywhere. Basically, the entire agricultural community in Elgin County came together to say THANK YOU to our front line health workers @stegh_cares! Simply amazing!” (Stegh_Cares is St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital.)

Like many industries, the farming industry is experiencing several changes as a result of the pandemic.  Dairy farmers and chicken farmers have seen reduced demand as a result of changes in consumer behavior (not being able to eat out), and some fruit and vegetable growers are experiencing labour shortages as bringing in foreign workers is currently challenging. 

Despite these hardships, these farmers quickly banded together to show their support for health care workers.






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