Farmers Gather to Learn about Precision Agriculture

Feb 28, 2014

Precision Agriculture Conference Attracts Growers, Agronomists and Equipment Dealers

By staff

Growers and agriculture industry professionals attended the Precision Agriculture conference, tradeshow and networking event held in London, Ontario, on Thursday, Feb. 27, 2014.

Farmers were connected with agri-business and farm retailers to learn about the latest precision agriculture tools to help them increase yields and reduce crop inputs on their farm.

The event drew large crowds, with more than 250 attendees coming from across North America.

“It surpassed our expectations,” said Joe Dales, Executive Vice President. “The attendees were serious producers with large acreage,” he said.

Organizers say that while space was a constraint, they have already booked larger venues for next year.

The conference featured announcements and leading edge technology. DuPont Pioneer launched its farm data services Encirca platform in Canada at the conference, and farmers got to try Google Glass - the wearable computer device.

A photo album of the Precision Agriculture Conference can be viewed on the Ontag Community Website.

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