Ethanol Infrastructure Grant Program announced in Ohio

Feb 09, 2015

Grants look to expand ethanol fuel use in Buckeye State

By Diego Flammini,

A trio of groups are coming together to promote ethanol fuel and increase its usage as fuel in Ohio.

The Ohio Corn Marketing Program, the American Lung Association of the Upper Midwest and the American Lung Association of the Midland States are working together and created The Ethanol Infrastructure Grant Program.

The program is aimed at fuel merchants to help them with buying and installing necessary equipment needed to dispense E85 (fuels with 85% ethanol).

Details of the grant program include preference for any fuel-marketing operations considering multiple installation and speedy reimbursement once the projects are completed.

Up to $15,000 is available for a single station installing one pump dispensing E85 and up to $75,000 for four stations installing a new pump at each location.

“Over 722,000 Ohio motorists are driving Flex Fuel Vehicles and they deserve access to efficient and clean burning ethanol,” says Tadd Nicholson, executive director of the Ohio Corn Marketing Program in a release. “The new grants will help Ohio fuel retailers offer more choices at the pump, with fuel that is produced in Ohio by our seven ethanol plants with corn grown by our farmers.”

Parties interested in applying for the grant must submit an application and adhere to guidelines whicn include operating in the state of Ohio and a two-year commitment to sales of E85 or other ethanol-blended fuels.


BoatUS, an organization representing boat owners in the United States is supporting a bill called the Renewable Fuel Standard Act of 2015 that, if passed, would remove corn-based ethanol requirements and limit the amount of ethanol allowed in gasoline to 10%.

"The new bill would recognize the failure of the current Renewable Fuel Standard and its out-of-date ethanol mandate, and make the necessary changes so there is a safe fuel for all gasoline-powered engines," Nicole Palya Wood, government affairs program manager for BoatUS said in an interview with The Times-Picayune.

Gas stations are using an ethanol blend of E15 and warranties on marine engines only cover 10% ethanol fuel blends.

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