Empowering female leaders in farming - Boot camp’s 20th session success

Apr 08, 2024

By Farms.com

In a significant milestone for female empowerment within the agricultural sector, the American Farm Bureau Federation proudly announces the graduation of 15 women from its esteemed Women’s Communications Boot Camp. This intensive training, spanning four days, equips farm and ranch women leaders with advanced skills in public speaking, media handling, and strategic messaging to effectively advocate for agricultural issues.

Graduates from diverse farming backgrounds across the United States have emerged more confident and prepared to tackle the challenges of modern agriculture advocacy. They are poised to engage in local media, liaise with elected officials, and drive social media campaigns to highlight the realities and innovations of contemporary farming practices.

Isabella Chism, chair of the AFB Women’s Leadership Committee, praised the graduates for their commitment and foresight in applying their newly acquired skills to advance agricultural advocacy. AFBF President Zippy Duvall echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the pivotal role of agricultural advocacy in linking farmers and ranchers with broader communities, including policymakers and consumers.

This program's significance is underscored by its growth; with now 299 alumni, the Boot Camp underscores the AFBF's commitment to fostering female leadership in agriculture. It stands as a beacon for women seeking to elevate their presence and influence in the agricultural domain.

Looking forward, the American Farm Bureau Women’s Leadership Committee, together with AFBF staff, anticipates the next fall session, opening doors for more women to develop and refine their advocacy capabilities. This ongoing initiative not only highlights the increasing role of women in agriculture but also ensures their voices are heard in crucial conversations about the industry's future.

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