Cool Tools on the farm

Cool Tools on the farm
Aug 14, 2023 is pleased to kick off a new weekly series called Cool Tools. Each week will share a cool tool that we think farmers may find hand around the farm. It could be something related to a specific type of farm, or even a regular cool tool that anyone might have. The idea with cool tools is that our writing team see lots of devices or tools they think are cool for on-farm use, and they are excited to share them with readers.

Please note, we are not paid for cool tools, these have been chosen based on what one or more of the team think is a cool tool for someone who lives and works on a farm. If you have a cool tool you would like to submit, email

Below are samples of some of the articles in this series:

By Braxten Breen Cool Tools Intern

It is not uncommon to find running electrical cords inside the barn, or even around farm, as farmers you can always find a need to run extension cords on the farm.

There are different reasons for needing an extension: for powering equipment such as power tools, irrigation pumps, heating your outdoor water trough, heating a chicken coop in winter, lighting, etc.

Keeping those cord connections safe and tight can be a struggle. Not doing it properly can lead to serious consequences.

The Twist and Seal family of products has got the farm covered, with industry leading extension cord protection products made in the USA.

This heavy-duty extension cord protection product is built to withstand the toughest conditions around the farm. A patented cord strain relief system prevents any farm animals or farmers accidentally pulling apart the connection if they trip over it.

Fitting 10-16 gauge grounded three prong connections, the sealing system will automatically adjust to fit various diameter cords sizes.

Moving on to the little brother of the Maxx, the Cord Protect, having the same idea as the Maxx but being designed for medium to light duty connections. No matter what season it is, Twist and Seal has made life on the farm one step easier, allowing farmers to leave their connections out in the rain or snow or watering device, resulting in protection at all times.

Twist and Seal Cord Dome Multiple Outdoor Extension Cord and Power Strip Protection In ActionFinally, protecting multiple cord connections is the Cord Dome. Having the ability to protect an entire power cord strip and Y-connectors, the Cord Dome will enclose all connections keeping them safe and sound from electrical hazards.

All Twist and Seal products are produced with heavy duty commercial grade plastic and with UV resistant material.

If the farm has multiple locations where cord connections are not protected, Twist and Seal offers packs where multiple products of that specific protector can be bought.

Watch the video below to learn more about three Twist and Seal products, starting off with the Twist and Seal Maxx.

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