Chicken Industry's Fight Against Food Waste

Feb 14, 2024


The National Chicken Council (NCC) is at the forefront of combating food waste in the chicken industry. In response to the proposed Draft National Strategy for Reducing Food Loss and Waste, the NCC sheds light on proactive measures taken by chicken producers.

1. Use of Byproducts:

The NCC emphasizes the efficient use of bakery meal, animal proteins/fats, DDGS, and peanut meal in chicken feed. Chickens upcycle these byproducts, turning them into valuable protein for energy.

2. Rendering Process:

Explaining the rendering process that transforms meat and poultry byproducts into nutrient-dense items for consumption. Common byproducts, like feather meal, are repurposed as organic fertilizer or feed additives for livestock. 

3. Automation and Transportation:

Technological advancements in poultry processing plants are reducing food waste. Automation ensures precise cutting, minimizing miscuts and enhancing yield. 

The NCC also highlights regulatory challenges hindering food waste reduction. Urging the FDA to reconsider policies related to surplus hatchery eggs, promoting their use instead of landfill disposal. Concerns about the proposed Salmonella Framework by the USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service are also expressed.

The NCC calls for cooperative efforts from regulatory bodies to reduce waste and lower food prices, making them more accessible for consumers. Representing over 95% of U.S. chicken producers, the NCC remains committed to fostering sustainable practices.

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