Celebrate Food Day Canada

Celebrate Food Day Canada
Jul 28, 2020

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Aug. 1 provides an opportunity to acknowledge the diverse and innovative ways we produce and consume food across this nation

By Jackie Clark
Staff Writer

Producers and consumers will be celebrating Food Day Canada this coming Saturday, Aug. 1. For farmers, it is a chance to celebrate their contributions to the food system in our nation.

“Every piece of food that’s put in a grocery cart started on someone’s farm and I think as producers we should take some time and pat ourselves on the back,” Mary Robinson, president of the Canadian Federation of Agriculture, told Farms.com.

In Canada, we are lucky to have access to diverse and nutritious food.

“I almost get borderline emotional when I talk about how amazingly blessed we are here in Canada,” Robinson said. “Not only are we blessed with the natural resources but we also have incredible farming acumen. We’re innovative and spectacularly dedicated as producers of food.”

Producers, processors, and all of the steps of the value chain play an important role in delivering high-quality food to Canadians.

“If we look right now at what farmers have done to deal with COVID, that’s going to be an integral part in the future in agriculture,” Robinson explained. Canadian farmers have worked hard to adapt to the challenging circumstances to continue to produce crops and livestock.

Ag industry leaders have worked “to keep the foundation of our food supply chain intact and in a position that, when we do begin the recovery process from COVID, Canada can really look to agriculture,” she added.

Exports of Canadian agricultural products may become an opportunity for future growth.

“When COVID came along, it really highlighted that we need to ensure that producers are in the best position possible to weather these storms,” Robinson said. “So then we can be perfectly poised to capture that opportunity of being a significant component in the economic recovery.”

Food Day Canada gives us all an opportunity to pause from navigating the challenges of agriculture, and celebrate the ag industry’s role in feeding Canada. 

“Producers have really had to dig deep to get through this,” Robinson said. “I hope that our primary producers are able to take the day to have a look around and realize all of the accomplishments that we have realized as an industry.”

Agriculture is a complex part of Canada’s food system.

“I think people outside of agriculture would be amazed to realize how many different areas of expertise a farmer has to have,” Robinson added. “So, I hope that on Canada’s Food Day farmers, aquaculture (producers), ranchers, (are) able to take the time to realize what we’ve achieved and celebrate that.”

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Congratulations Jackie your news item is well written -- it is easy to see you are a proud Canadian. It makes everyone respect and recognize the farming industry in trying times.
Peter |Jul 31 2020 8:20AM

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