Case IH introduces new planter tech

Case IH introduces new planter tech
Jun 11, 2021

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ISO Planter Control gives operators the ability to view high-resolution as-applied planting data in real time

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

Case IH has introduced a new piece of planter technology to help farmers view and customize planter settings and data as it happens.

The newly available ISO Planter Control for 2000 series Early Riser planters gives farmers a clean and integrated solution, regardless of what color equipment a producer has, said Dave Brennan, planter marketing manager with Case IH.

“When I say integrated it’s a single display in the cab and easy to operate,” he told “And farmers with a competitive ISOBUS-compliant display in their cab, whether that’s green, yellow or another brand, they can plug our product into their display as well. We know farmers are out there with mixed fleets.”

Developing this product comes from listening to customer feedback.

Producers indicate they want functional and practical technology, Brennan said.

“Every day I hear a farmer say they want something easy to use,” he said. “But they also want some feature sets that weren’t available not that long ago. So it’s our job to provide our customers with the features they want and in a way they can use these features as easy as possible.”

Farmers using Case IH equipment and technology including the AFS Pro 1200 display can take advantage of customizable options.

There are six user-defined windows a grower can lay out in any fashion, Brennan said.

“What is new is (a farmer) can take one of those windows that controls some function on the planter, and I can slide those into other customizable screens,” he said. “Think about your (smartphone) where you might have all your mapping apps in one folder. What we’re doing works the same way.

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