Call for action on US agricultural trade policy

Apr 19, 2024


This week in Washington, the spotlight was on the administration’s agricultural trade policy, with significant discourse on enhancing the effectiveness of US trade strategies. The agricultural community is advocating for a shift in the administration’s approach to more vigorously pursue market openings and tackle the current trade deficits.

During key committee hearings, there was a clear bipartisan disappointment over the administration’s minimal pursuit of conventional trade agreements. This approach has been perceived as inadequate in keeping agricultural exports competitive, especially given the rising volume and value of imports. Concerns were also raised about the lack of aggressive enforcement actions in existing trade disputes, notably with key competitors like China.

The agricultural sector is pressing for a diversified export strategy as more than half of the US agricultural exports are limited to a few regions, which restricts growth opportunities. There is a strong call for the administration to negotiate better trade deals and reduce international barriers that currently hinder US farmers from entering new markets.

Advocates from the agricultural sector are urging for a renewed focus on expanding trade agreements and enhancing enforcement mechanisms to safeguard US interests. This strategy is crucial for revitalizing the agricultural export growth and ensuring that the US remains a leading player in the global agricultural market. Such efforts are essential to move beyond the current stagnation and achieve a more robust and equitable trade balance.

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