Auction participants make John Deere combine top selling item

Auction participants make John Deere combine top selling item
May 13, 2022

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The 2017 S670 combine sold after 294 bids Auction Report

Attendees of a recent BigIron equipment auction made a John Deere combine the top selling piece of farm machinery.

The 2017 John Deere S670 2WD combine from Hugoton, Kan., sold for US$183,750 (CAD$237,671) to a buyer from Nebraska after 294 bids.

Specs: 1,680 engine hours, 1,312 separator hours, Hydrostatic Transmission, 3 Forward Speeds, 3 Reverse Speeds, Self-Propelled, Hydraulic Brakes, 520/85R42 Front Tires, 600/70R28 Rear Tires, Duals, Variable Speed Header Drive, Lateral Header Tilt, Hydraulic Fore/Aft Reel Adjustment, Reverser, Rock Trap, Single Point Hookup, Auto Height Control, Bullet Rotor, Corn And Small Grain Concaves, Electric Concave Adjustment, Corn And Soybean Sieve And Chaffer, Electric Sieve And Chaffer Adjustment, Rotary Chopper, 400bu Bin Extensions, 30’ Unloading Auger Length, Heater, AC, Radio, Electrical Adjustable And Heated Mirrors, Air Suspension Operator Seat, Trainer Seat, GPS, Guidance Ready, Operator's Manual, Leather Package, Heated Cooled Operator Seat, Refrigerator, Cameras, Rear, Unloading Auger.

A 2012 Case IH Magnum 290 MFWD tractor from Gurley, Neb., sold for US$157,500 (CAD$203,747) to a buyer from the same state after 255 bids.

Specs: 2,869 hours, 284 Hp, FPT 8.7 L 6 Cylinder, Diesel, Engine Oil Level Full, 168 Fuel Capacity, Block Heater, CaseIH, Power Shift Transmission, 18 Forward Speeds, 4 Reverse Speeds, Independent PTO, Large 1000 PTO, Rear PTO Location, PTO Shield, 5 Pair Auxiliary Hydraulics, Firestone 380/85R34 Front Tires, Firestone 480/80R46 Rear Tires, Front And Rear Duals, Axle Mounted Duals, Front And Rear. Front And Rear Fenders, 10 Front Weights, Surveyor Cab, Heater, AC, Radio, Training Seat, (1) Pair 1000 Lb. Weights On Rear Inside Duals, Trimble Display, Class 4.75 Suspended Axle, Power Disconnect, Quick Hitch.

A 2015 Case IH Steiger 370 HD 4WD tractor from Gurley, Neb., sold for US$141,250 (CAD$182,706) to a buyer from Indiana after 200 bids.

Specs: 2,496 hours, 370 Hp, FPT 8.7 6 Cylinder, Diesel, 220 Gallon Fuel Capacity, Block Heater, Case IH, Power Shift Transmission, 16 Forward Speeds, 2 Reverse Speeds, 5 Pair Auxiliary Hydraulics, Articulated Steering, Goodyear 480/80R46 Front Tires, Goodyear 480/80R46 Rear Tires, Front And Rear Duals, Pin Hitch, Fenders, Surveyor Cab, Heater, AC, Radio, Training Seat, Guidance Display, Bareback, Power Disconnect.

A 2013 John Deere 7280 forage harvester from Winona, Minn., sold for US$140,250 (CAD$181,369) to a buyer from the same state after 215 bids.

Specs: 1,890 hours, 400 Hp, Diesel, Water Cooled Engine, 1,129 Cutter Hours, Block Heater, Hydrostatic Transmission, Self-Propelled, 4WD, 2 Axles, Hydraulic Brakes, 2 Wheel Steering, 650/75R32 Front Tires, 600/65R28 Rear Tires, Pin Hitch, Auto Height Control, Kernal Processor, Heater, AC, Radio, Passenger Seat.

A 2007 John Deere 8430 MFWD tractor from Holyoke, Colo., sold for US$140,250 (CAD$181,369) to a buyer from Texas after 262 bids.

Specs: 5,937 hours, John Deere PowerTech Variable Geometry 6-Cylinder Turbocharged Diesel Engine, IVT Transmission, (5) Remotes, (2) Power Beyond, Category 4 Hitch & Drawbar, Deluxe Cab, Rate Controller, Buddy Seat, (20) Front Suitcase Weights, Full Weights In Rear, Demco Hubs, Front Tires 420/85R34, Rear Tires 480/80R50.

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