Auction house to sell over 15,000 acres of farmland

Auction house to sell over 15,000 acres of farmland
Nov 23, 2021

By Andrew Joseph,

The Ritchie Bros. auction house will be auctioning off over 15,000 acres of farmland and 300 pieces of equipment at two early 2022 auctions.

The two auctions for Hanson Farms and Marlow Farms are for farmland and chattel in Torquay, Saskatchewan and The Pas, Manitoba, respectively, with the Hanson property set for auction on January 25-26, 2022 and the Marlow site for sale March 15, 2022.   

"These are two turnkey operations with all the equipment you need to go straight to work," said Jordan Clarke, Sales Director, Ritchie Bros. "The Hanson and Marlow families have kept impeccable care of their land and equipment. While we sell farmland year-round, these two massive properties don't come to unreserved auction very often. Every parcel of land and equipment item will be sold on auction day to the highest bidder, regardless of price."

The Hanson Farms site is 9,600+ acres of farmland—with about 8,816 acres of cultivated lands. There are two houses—1,624 square feet and 1,050 square feet—a large 7,200 square foot shop, all with geothermal heating and reverse osmosis water system. The property also includes a modern, high-capacity grain handling and drying system with a storage capacity of about 500,000 bushels.

Richie Bros. noted that much of the land has surface lease revenue options—something to consider as the Torquay area is rife with oil and gas activity.

"We are putting our farm up for auction in January so the new buyer can get a head start on the planting season," said current owner Kirby Hanson. "My dad started farming this land back in 1968. Through the years we've had great crops of canola, durum wheat, peas, flax, corn, soybeans, chickpeas, lentils, and sunflowers. This is highly profitable land, but it's time for dad and I to spend less time working and more time boating, fishing and motorbiking. This is a fantastic opportunity for any farmer or investor to get great farmland by unreserved auction."

Featured equipment includes: two 2016 John Deere 9620RX track tractors, three 2018 John Deere S790 combines, two 2015 John Deere R4045 120-ft high clearance sprayers and more.

The Manitoba-based Marlow Farms consists of 6,091—6,028 acres or so are cultivated acres with a soil class of E.

This is being sold as 22 separate parcels, and in a home parcel, shop, machine storage buildings and an automated grain dryer system with storage capacity for 150,000 bushels.

"Our farm is ideally located near a major highway and a locally-owned producer car rail loading site, with provincial water pumps located throughout the valley to assist with drainage," said Walter Marlow, who runs the farm with his brothers, Tom and Frank. "All our equipment is maintained regularly, and service intervals are always followed. Additionally, our combines are inspected annually by John Deere technicians."

Some of the equipment being sold includes: a 2017 Versatile 550DT track tractor, two 2014 John Deere S690 RWA combines, a 2011 New Holland SP.275R 120-foot-high clearance sprayer, and more.

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