APAS gearing up for provincial election

APAS gearing up for provincial election
Sep 18, 2020

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The Saskatchewan provincial election is on Oct. 26

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Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan (APAS) representatives want to make sure agriculture is top of mind in the upcoming provincial election on Oct. 26.

APAS staff recently sent out a list of proposals to each political party and their candidates that outline a range of issues affecting Saskatchewan producers and rural residents.

“It's important to have some of these issues brought up just so that they don't get lost in the shuffle during the election period,” said Todd Lewis, president of APAS.

The proposals touch on several issues, including improving programs like AgriStability, finalizing a carbon credit/offset framework, strengthening landowner protections and improving broadband in rural Saskatchewan.

“Nobody is really happy with their Internet and cellular service here in rural Saskatchewan,” Lewis told Farms.com. “It's really going to be an issue with distance learning and people having to work from home. We're currently short of Internet capacity in this province. So, we want to get the parties’ positions on that and how they would bring forward improvements.”

Agriculture is a large part of Saskatchewan and APAS staff wanted to make sure ag is included in each party’s platforms, said Lewis.

“Agriculture is a major economic driver in the province,” he said. “Agriculture affects the entire province, not just rural Saskatchewan, but it's a big part of urban Saskatchewan as well. So, I think it's timely that we get some of these issues out in front of the parties before the writ is dropped.”

APAS staff will track responses from each political party about the proposals.

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Agristability to be improved needs to be either scrapped or totally rebuilt to reflect true Risk Management as it relates to today's unpredictible extreme weather events. Simple case in point: in area where Producers have the misfortune to have a series crop disasters are not covered at time when they need "stability" On the other hand one bad year in five or six basically pays out. I am sure we all are aware of the holes. A restructured Grip with the loop holes plugged would be closer to a Risk Management Tool.
LEONARD |Sep 22 2020 2:04PM

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