Alta. farmers warned of grant scam

Alta. farmers warned of grant scam
Jul 24, 2023

A farmer signed up for a grant on a website from a Google search

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

Authorities in Alberta are warning farmers of an online grant scam.

Alberta RCMP issued a press release on July 19 after it received word that a farmer fell victim to the fraud.

A farmer, presumably looking for information about grant programs, found a website during a Google search.

The website asked for a business plan and fee, which the farmer provided.

When the farmer didn’t receive any assistance, they contacted 310-FARM, the phone number for information about Alberta Agriculture and Irrigation’s programs and resources.

That’s when an Alberta Agriculture representative informed the farmer they were a victim of fraud and loan programs from reputable sources don’t require upfront fees.

Alberta RCMP is reminding farmers to all the Alberta Farmers’ Advocate Office (403-742-7901) or 310-FARM for proper information about government grant programs.

Typing “Alberta farm grants” into the Google search bar will bring up links to the provincial government’s On-Farm Value-Added Program and the Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership in Alberta as the first two search results.

Tools are also available to help check the legitimacy of a web address. or, for example, allow users to enter a website name and receive results about the safety of a website.

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