Alberta vows to challenge carbon tax

Alberta vows to challenge carbon tax
Jan 02, 2020

The federal tax came into effect in the province on Jan. 1

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

Alberta’s provincial government is committed to challenging the federal carbon tax.

The government is “steadfast in our commitment to stand up for our province – including with our current challenge at the Alberta Court of Appeal and supporting Saskatchewan and Ontario in their legal efforts as well,” Justice Minister Doug Schweitzer said in a statement on Dec. 31.

The federal tax took effect in Alberta on Jan. 1, meaning all Canadian provinces are now subject to the tax.

Alberta had its own carbon pricing plan under Rachel Notley’s previous NDP government. Premier Jason Kenney’s government passed the Carbon Tax Repeal Act in June to do away with the levy.

In Alberta, the tax of $20 per tonne of carbon will result in gas costing about four cents per litre more. In April, the tax will increase to $30 per tonne, or about seven cents per litre of gasoline.

“This is something you can’t necessarily prepare for, but it means the days of cheaper fuel prices in Alberta are effectively over,” Dan McTeague, president of Canadians for Affordable Energy, told Okotoks Online on Tuesday.

Alberta is also moving forward with its Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction (TIER) plan, which emphasizes innovation, not taxes, as an answer to climate change.

Alberta farmers are eligible for carbon tax rebates.

The Alberta Farm Fuel Benefit Program allows eligible producers to receive a partial exemption of nine cents per litre fuel tax and an exemption from the carbon tax on the purchase of marked gasoline and diesel fuel.

Indeed, most Albertans could receive rebates from the carbon tax.

A single adult could receive $444 this year and the baseline amount for a family of four is $888.

But Schweitzer isn’t convinced Albertans will see that money.

“I don’t buy that at all. Look at Albertans right now. Alberta is struggling. We need jobs in this province,” he said, CTV Calgary reported. has reached out to Alberta producers for comment.

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