Agricultural leaders challenge herbicide duties proposal

Apr 19, 2024


In a significant move, six major US commodity groups, including the National Corn Growers Association and American Soybean Association, have voiced their opposition to a petition by Corteva Agribusiness that seeks to introduce new trade duties on the herbicide 2,4-D from India and China.

These groups have formally expressed their concerns to the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC), cautioning that such duties could drastically limit the availability of critical agricultural inputs. With Corteva as the primary domestic supplier, the import restrictions could create a supply void that would be difficult to fill, directly impacting farming operations nationwide.

The appeal emphasizes that this restriction comes at a particularly vulnerable time for the agricultural sector, with anticipated decreases in crop values and record-high operational costs projected for 2024. The agriculture sector's resilience is being tested, and additional duties could exacerbate these challenges, forcing farmers to cut budgets and potentially harming local economies.

The agricultural leaders are particularly concerned about the broader implications of increased input costs, as farmers generally cannot pass these costs onto consumers. The outcome of the ITC’s preliminary determination, expected on May 17, 2024, is eagerly awaited by the farming community and could set a precedent for future trade and agricultural policies.

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