Ag in the House: Nov. 6 – 10

Ag in the House: Nov. 6 – 10
Nov 13, 2023

The first ag question occurred on Nov. 8

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

Agriculture came up in question period in the House of Commons midway through the week.

On Nov. 8, Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre asked the prime minister if he’d consider creating a carve out on the carbon tax for farmers to help bring down the price of food.

Prime Minister Trudeau didn’t directly answer the question, but reaffirmed support for the ag industry.

“Mr. Speaker, we know that farmers are always focused on being good stewards of the land, and we are working with them in investing and in supporting them in many different ways to ensure that we can continue to put good-quality affordable food on people's tables right across the country. That is what we are going to continue to do,” the prime minister said.

“Farmers, and indeed Canadians from coast to coast to coast, know that, as we fight climate change and as we put more money in people's pockets every three months, hundreds of dollars, with the pollution price return, we are going to continue to step up in building a strong economy for tomorrow, something the Conservatives simply do not understand.”

In a follow-up question, Poilievre mentioned Bill C-234, which at the time was in front of the Senate. The bill provides carbon tax relief for propane and natural gas.

Poilievre asked the prime minister if he’ll “allow another carve-out on the carbon tax for farmers, yes or no?”

Prime Minister Trudeau didn’t directly answer the question, instead speaking about the heat pump program available to people across the country.

Continuing to press on the carbon tax and farmers, Poilievre asked Prime Minister Trudeau again if he’ll encourage senators to pass Bill C-234 and provide support for farmers.

The prime minister answered by reminding the House that farmers see the effects of climate change.

“Mr. Speaker, farmers across this country know the costs of climate change. They know the costs of extreme weather events, whether it be floods, fires or more intense storms. Farmers are worried about their future, worried about their kids' future and worried about the country's future,” Trudeau said.

Poilievre asked Trudeau two more times about providing carbon tax support for farmers through Bill C-234. The prime minister did not commit to doing so.

MPs did not ask any ag questions on Nov. 9, and the House didn’t sit on Nov. 10.

The House isn’t sitting the week of Nov. 13 to 17.

Ag in the House will return on Nov. 27 to summarize the proceedings from Nov. 20 to 24.

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