Admin drives development in rural networks

Apr 30, 2024


Marking its two-year anniversary, the Rural Partners Network (RPN), under the guidance of the Administration, continues to make strides in supporting rural and Tribal communities. The latest announcement by USDA Deputy Secretary Xochitl Torres Small introduces a series of infrastructure and clean energy projects funded through the historic Inflation Reduction Act.

This new funding phase involves approximately $144 million dedicated to 56 diverse projects. These initiatives are designed to strengthen community facilities, enhance clean energy usage, and upgrade water and wastewater systems across various states including Alaska, Georgia, and Puerto Rico.

Noteworthy projects under this scheme include the installation of a 330-kilowatt solar array in Georgia, which will serve agricultural needs while reducing energy costs, and a major grant in Wisconsin for a new emergency services facility that will significantly improve local response capabilities.

The RPN, expanded to include 36 community networks across 10 states and Puerto Rico, benefits from dedicated USDA staff who provide local support. This network aims to bridge the gap between federal resources and community needs, ensuring that all rural areas have the opportunity to thrive.

These efforts are part of a larger USDA initiative to transform America’s food system and enhance rural infrastructure, focusing on sustainability, equity, and economic growth. This comprehensive approach demonstrates the administration's commitment to empowering rural America by providing the tools needed for sustainable development and prosperity.

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