2020 John Deere Innovations

2020 John Deere Innovations
Apr 07, 2020

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John Deere XUV835R, ExactRate and S700 combine update

Ryan Ridley

Farms.com was in Louisville, Kentucky, at the 2020 National Farm Machinery Show this past February and talked with several John Deere product managers about new innovations that would benefit farmers and their operations. The visit covered three new innovations: John Deere XUV835R, John Deere ExactRate and John Deere S700 combine.

Brad Kreger, Product Manager at John Deere, gave an overview of the 2020 John Deere XUV835R. 2020 innovations include a new cab featuring three person seating, heat/air conditioning and a cloth interior, as well as power steering, LED lights, 4-cylinder gas engine with 54 HP, 1000 pound cargo box capacity, 2000 pound towing capacity, 4WD, CVT, 84.5” wheelbase, 11.2” ground clearance and more.

“When you’re working long hours and when the elements are in your way, the John Deere Gator is there to help you get through it,” says Kreger. “The 835R, which will take you up to 45 miles per hour, also takes the terrain at these speeds as well. We are keeping the customer in mind with both the quality and the performance of this vehicle.”

The XUV835R is available with over 100 attachments, making this vehicle fully customizable and perfect for your specific needs.



Another 2020 innovation by John Deere is the ExactRate Liquid Fertilizer System. Brady Alley, Product Manager with John Deere, shared that the system has row by row section control, variable rate capabilities, curve compensation, runs up to 10 miles per hour, in cab flow detection and more, all with the goal of helping to provide feedback to the farmers so that they can make data-driven decisions.

This product can also be used to overlay fertilizer data with harvesting data, allowing you to run test plots as you move through the field.

“For the folks that aren’t adopting technology as quickly, or don’t want to get into that realm, we’ve also launched the new 2020 1745 lift-and-twist planter that uses our MaxEmerge 5 row unit,” stated Alley. “You can run things like vacuum meters, finger pick-ups, spring down-force or pneumatic down-force. There are a lot of options that you can choose on that planter to suit varying levels of comfortability with technology.”



John Deere also shared 2020 updates to its S700 combine. Elliot Reicks, Product Manager at John Deere, discussed several key updates including precision residue changes that enable farmers to make adjustments in cab, AutoSwap which automatically switches the flow of your tailboard to compensate for directional wind, as well as moisture sensor updates so that no calibration is required.

“We’ve also made some changes to Combine Advisor,” said Reicks. “We made some minor user interface changes so that users can utilize that suite of technologies when they hit the field.”

Other updates include JDLink Connect, which now includes 5 years of service, and extensions for John Deere Connect Support.



For more information on all John Deere products, visit www.deere.com/en/index.html.

Photo: deere.com


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