2015 US Corn Belt Crop Tour: Iowa

Jul 17, 2015

Tenth state in a 12-state tour

By Diego Flammini, Farms.com

The 4th annual Farms.com US Corn Belt Crop Tour continues to make its way through the American Midwest, visiting some of the highest producing states along the way.

Farms.com Risk Management’s Chief Commodity Strategist Moe Agostino and his team have made their way through Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota and Minnesota.

The tenth state to be visited on the 12-state tour was Iowa.

Depending on where in Iowa was visited, the crop performances differed.

“We’re near Sheldon, Iowa, and folks, it’s looking good,” he said. “The corn looks really consistent (and) the beans look awesome. Lots of consistency and very little weed pressure.”

However as the tour traveled to Kossuth and Humboldt counties, things took a different turn.

“I’m very disappointed with what I’m seeing,” Agostino said. “I’m seeing too much moisture pressure and I have not seen a corn field yet that’s tasseled in Iowa. This crop is behind; at least one, maybe two weeks behind from what I saw last year.”

Near Manchester, Iowa, the crops seemed to be doing a little better.

“A lot of lush, green corn and beans,” he said. “Probably another week, maybe two weeks away from tasseling. Still seeing some moisture stress but not looking too bad.”

Agostino said based on his findings in Iowa, he can’t rank the state in his top five for the tour, saying the effects will be felt on national corn and soybean yields.

Be sure to follow along the Corn Belt Crop Tour on Twitter using the hashtag #CornBelt15.

The next state to be visited will be Wisconsin.

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