2015 Precision Ag Conference opening panel: Part II

Feb 26, 2015

Steve Denys and David Scott presenting

By Diego Flammini, Farms.com

The 2nd annual Precision Agriculture Conference kicked off Wednesday with a tradeshow where exhibitors and attendees could network and have questions answered about the latest technologies. The day also featured an opening panel of speakers to discuss some farm practices today, what the future may hold and how technology will play a part in it.

The panelists were Steve Redmond, Steve Denys and David Scott. Part II will focus on the presentations of Mr. Denys and Mr. Scott whereas part I focused on Steve Redmond’s assessment of what farmers learned in 2014.

David Scott is a Senior Account Manager with GEOSYS, who provides “remote sensing decision support tools that make use of the most current agronomic, geographic & information system technologies.”

He described remote sensing as the use of aerial sensor technologies such as drones, planes and satellites to measure crop readings.

Scott said these technologies and NDVI maps can be used to estimate final crop yields, seed selection and placement, write prescriptions for nitrogen and manure application and can compare and rank multiple fields with an unbiased point of view.

Steve Denys, Vice President of Pride Seeds closed out the opening panel by suggesting farmers need to speak up about their successes and engage in conversations with consumers.

“Farmers in North America produce the safest, most nutritious, lowest risk and lowest cost food in the history of mankind,” he said during his presentation to about 200 farmers.

The Precision Agriculture Conference will wrap up Thursday evening. Stay tuned to Farms.com for more speaker session coverage of the conference.

Don’t forget to join in on the discussion. Did you take in one of the sessions? What did you think of some of the information the speakers presented?


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