2015 London Farm Show Kicks Off

Mar 04, 2015

Dairy pavilion new for 2015

By Diego Flammini, Farms.com

Hundreds of farmers are making their way to London’s Western Fair District for the 2015 London Farm Show.

The show will have industry giants like John Deere, Monsanto, Kubota and many others on hand to showcase their latest innovations and technologies to farmers who will use them in an effort to have successful and prosperous planting and harvesting seasons.

New for this year’s edition of the farm show is a dairy pavilion where visitors can engage in discussion about new technology for the dairy industry. It features new machinery, an interactive pen showing how some of the machinery works and even a setup where visitors can try their hand at milking a fake cow.

Among the exhibitors showing off new dairy technology are Milkomax and Lely.

Quebec’s Milkomax brought their Roboleo milking robot to the show. It’s the first milking robot for tie stall cows.

The Roboleo system can milk one cow between 7-9 minutes, including the machine’s movement. It provides cleaning and massaging of the teats for the cow and the system cleans itself after each cow is milked.

It’s fully automatic rail system allows for movements at any time and it comes with a portable sampler for on-the-go testing of the milk.

Lely, whose headquarters is based in Europe but has operations in Canada and the United States, brought their Astronaut robotic milking system to London.

Lely mentions many advantages to using their system including fastest teat detection meaning there is money saving opportunities because of less machine movement.

Their mobile app provides farmers a variety of information ahead of time, including what needs to be done on that day, the health of their cows, and the production levels inside of the barns.

The London Farm Show, which will wrap up Friday, March 6, will also feature a series of speakers including Andrew Campbell, who has used social media to invite the public into his farming practices and try to dispel myths about farming.

Farms.com’s Moe Agostino will speak about commodity pricing and other outlooks for 2015.

Join the discussion and tell us if you’re attending the farm show. Do you use any of the machinery mentioned? Do you follow Andrew Campbell’s social media journey?

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