1 Split Shaft and 13 possible attachments

1 Split Shaft and 13 possible attachments
Apr 12, 2024

Photo Credit: Makita  

Makita has made lawn care 13 ways easier 

Byline- Braxten Breen,
Farms.com Intern 

No need to purchase multiple pieces of hand-held lawn care equipment anymore, quickly disconnect and reconnect attachments with Makita’s split shaft multi-tool system.  

With the 40V MAX XGT Split Shaft Power Unit, farmers will be able to use up to 13 different attachments, ranging from line trimmers, pole saws, hedge trimmers, blowers, and much more. 

The split shaft features 3-speed options for active power management giving the farm versatility for the variety of tasks being tackled on the farm. Farmers can easily adjust the speed level with the 3-speed push button control. 

Speed Options: 

Low – 5,700 RPM’s 
Medium – 8,200 RPM’s 
High – 9,700 RPM’s 

Makita equipped this Split Shaft with a soft start feature, meaning once the machine has started the speed will gradually increase to eliminate start up shock. Along with reverse mode, it allows unwanted debris to be entangled and cleared from the cutting head. 

Safety features on the Split Shaft consist of Star Protection with 3 active controls for current, voltage, and temperature, just in case of an overload, also to increase the farmer’s safety an electric brake has been added as well. 

The Split Shaft from Makita can attach 13 different lawn care attachments for tasks on the farm. 

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