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Improve Pork Production with Free PigCHAMP Benchmarking Website.
July 21, 2008, Ames, Iowa – PigCHAMP, Inc. and Farms.com have just launched a new website for pork producers interested in benchmarking production data and analysis. The site: www.benchmark.farms.com, features the latest production benchmarking data from PigCHAMP users and articles providing insights on how to use the information by a number of leading swine industry experts such as Dr. John Deen from the Univeristy of Minnesota.
“Through the cooperation of hundreds of pork producers and some of the country’s top swine management authorities, we are pleased to make our popular Benchmark industry analysis and commentary available on the web,” says Bob Brcka, General Manager of PigCHAMP.
Benchmarks are identified as stable points to provide reference for further measures. As such, they can help pork producers identify weaknesses as well as strengths. This is especially important in the current economic environment, with tight margins and high input costs.
Susan Olson, PigCHAMP Benchmarking Manager adds, “Besides the immediate benefit to PigCHAMP customers, the national benchmarking comparisons provide industry influencers with a bird's eye view of key production indicators, helping them track pork production trends.”
“Each producer’s profitability hinges on his/her ability to adjust management practices based on production data,” says Brcka. “Being able to see if a herd is above or below the industry average allows that producer to recognize areas that offer the most opportunity for improvement and hence, increased profitability.”
Visitors will be able to post comments on the articles and discuss how to improve their production with other producers. Different articles will be featured each month, and feedback is appreciated.
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