Board of Directors Ltd. is a privately held company.

Our Board of Directors is composed of the following individuals:

Dr. Vincent Amanor-Boadu, Chair

Dr. Vincent Amanor-Boadu is the Director of the Kansas Ag Innovation Center, overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Center and ensuring that the Center achieves its mandate. Vincent received his PhD from the University of Guelph in Ontario Canada and worked at the George Morris Centre, an agri-food think-tank as the Director of Research until leaving to start AgriFood Innovations, an agri-food strategy and technology services organization. Vincent specializes in agri-food supply chain management, entrepreneurship and value-added business development. The Innovation Center is a collaborative effort involving Kansas State University's Department of Agricultural Economics, Kansas State University's College of Agriculture's Bio-processing and Industrial Value-Added Center (BIVAC), Kansas Department of Commerce's Agricultural Marketing Division, Advanced Manufacturing Institute (AMI) and 21st Century Producers. The Center has operated with grant funds from USDA and support funding from Kansas Department of Commerce and K-State. He lives in Manhattan, Kansas.

Joe Dales, Director

Joseph Dales has over 25 years of agri-marketing and management experience with leading agriculture companies such as Pfizer, Syngenta Seeds and BASF (Cyanamid Crop Protection). As part of the senior management team, Joe oversees the planning, communications and implementation of the company's business strategies. Joe’s primary strengths are his strong innovation and business experience within the agriculture and food industries, an extensive network of producers and agribusinesses; and his superior strategic leadership. Joe is passionate about a number of key issues in agriculture, including: innovation and adoption of technology, leveraging business management techniques, skills development, improved commodity risk management, and human resources.


Graham Dyer, President &CEO and Director

Graham Dyer has broad business and consulting experience in the financial, new economy, food and agricultural sectors. Graham excels in business planning, financial consulting, refining business processes, and converting ideas into reality. He has assisted numerous companies in strategic development, business planning, and raising equity financing. Graham is passionate innovation, about the development of new projects and experimenting with these projects to find the most profitable and efficient system.  Graham recognizes that in today’s new ag economy building partnerships and strategic alliances is the key to success.


Patrick Sullivan, Director

Patrick Sullivan is a senior executive with strong leadership skills, experience in a variety of management capabilities such as ecommerce, digital commerce, marketing, advertising, and building profitable businesses.  Patrick has a proven record of building sales, profits and market share through strategic planning and organizational development, as well as creative marketing and sales management.  His strategic management experience as President of Workopolis, as well as at and VP of and, ensure he can provide valuable insights for the Group of Companies.

Randy Stoecker, Director

Randy Stoecker is the former President of Murphy-Brown Western Operations, a division of Smithfield Foods. He worked with PIC prior to joining the Murphy team in North Carolina as Vice-President of Production in 1987. At Murphy-Brown Western Operations Randy oversaw pork production systems in nine states. He resides in Ames, Iowa with his wife Gwen, and is the father of six children.   Randy grew up on a farm near Oakley, Kansas and is a 1970 graduate of Agricultural Economics from Kansas State University.


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